Arya's Birth Story

Shawna Kitchin

It's been a minute you guys, and within that minute our new addition arrived!

Our beautiful baby girl was born on September 13, 2019 and we instantly fell in love. She was a Friday the 13th baby! We got to the hospital about 10 am that morning, and went to our room to get everything started. I was having a repeat C-Section, so the only prep needed was my admission questions and my IV. Let me tell you, I hate needles and IV's so I already wasn't looking forward to this. They looked in multiple places before getting the IV in my wrist, and if you've ever have had one in your wrist, you know it hurts like a mother effer. It was me and Craig for a bit in the room, and my mom was able to come back for a while before they had me walk back for surgery. 

Craig waited in what I like to call the "dad waiting room" while they started my epidrual and everything else they needed to start. I honestly don't remember anything from that part. Before starting the epidural, the anesthesiologist of course has to feel up and down your back and that in itself is just a strange feeling. He marked his spot and it was taking him a minute to get it in. He told me I was leaning and shaking, and I needed to stop that. My bad, i'm trying buddy. All this time, the nurse is sitting there asking me questions and trying to keep my mind off the needle about to go into my back. Bless her heart. I couldn't get my focus off of it. At this point, I look at her and say I'm going to pass out, and apparently I looked like a ghost. After a quick lay down and some alcohol (not the delicious kind) under my nose, I was back up and ready to try again. He finally got it in and man does that thing work fast. It is such a strange feeling when everything below your chest starts to fade. Finally after finishing up some last minute stuff, Craig was able to come in and sit next to me. 

They had started the surgery, cutting and all that jazz. Not really sure what went down, because I couldn't see over the curtain. I just remember telling Craig to make sure they put my organs back in the right spots. LOL. After some pushing and pulling from the docs, we heard the most beautiful cry. And that's when I cried. We never got to hear Jaxton really cry when he was born, so it was this new thing for us. She was born at 12:44pm, weighing 6lbs 15oz and 20 inches long. After they got her all cleaned up, they handed her to Craig. At first, with all the slime all over her, she wasn't cute. We will be the first to admit that. But seeing her all swaddled up in Craig's arms, my heart melted. She was gorgeous! 

I got all stitched back up and they moved me to the bed that we would take to our room and that's the first time I got to hold her. I was in love all over again. She stole my heart. We got cuddles in recovery where it was just us three. That was so nice to have that time to ourselves. They did some checks every 15 minutes on me and Arya, and once our 2 hours of recovery were up, we were transferred to our postpartum room. We got wheeled past our family who were in the waiting room, patiently waiting to meet our new baby girl. I think they all tried to follow us, but we had to push the vultures back and call security. I'm totally kidding, but how funny would that be? 

The next 3 days we stayed in the hospital just soaking up the cuddles and visitors. We decided to breastfeed and that was going amazing. We didn't get much sleep while we were there, but that was okay because she is so worth it. Once we got home, we got on our schedule and were able to get into a groove. I'm happy to report that little miss is still sleeping, eating, pooping and peeing just fine! She truly is a happy baby and loves her cuddles with mom and dad. The pets still aren't sure what to think of her, but they'll all get used to it. 

I just want to extend a huge thank you to the team we had at St. Vincent Carmel Hospital. Everyone took excellent care of us and we had an amazing stay and recovery. The surgery went excellent and I really just can't say enough about our team! 


Until next time, 



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